At Suntop we have two cattery blocks.
Both have a fully inside heated area and then an outer run area which is outside but under cover.

Both cattery blocks are very spacious.  All chalets can accommodate two cats and we also have some family chalet which can hold up to four cats.

All catteries can be heated as required. They either have heat panel radiators or heat lamps which are thermostatically controlled.

The catteries are all positioned at the far end of the site and at the very front of the site. This means they are away from any noise the dogs may create. The outdoor cattery allows the cats to see each other but not make any contact.

Diets available

Go Cat Dry Complete
Whiskas & Felix Tins or Pouches

Cattery Tariffs

Charges are calculated on a daily rate. This is from the day your pet arrives regardless of the time of day

1 Cat £8.00 per day. 2 cats sharing a chalet £12.00 per day and 3 cats sharing £15.00 a day. Heating is included in the price

If you collect before 10.30am on the day of departure, we do not charge for the final day.